Be it a grand marriage event, an intimate ceremony, or a destination wedding, we understand all your requirements and send our team with a well-structured plan accordingly. As this means a very special day to you, you and your family will surely have a lot of work to look after such as, the decorations, catering, choosing the reception venue, making the guest list, choosing the attires for the whole family as well as for the bride and groom, music, dance performance (if any) and many more. And adding on to this, a major part of the wedding events is the wedding shoot. After having so much workload, you may not be able to keep an eye on the wedding shoot and you absolutely don’t have to! Our team is going to take care of the whole shooting process hassle-free. We capture your glorious moments in various forms of photos and videos, apply creative concepts in the making of the teaser, find the unique and precious moments in the whole event carefully and snap the candid pictures of them.

We understand and highly admire the emotions behind each traditions in a wedding, thus we tend to film them in a very impressive manner and convert them into divine memories. From the elegant decoration, heavenly location to the graceful and gorgeous outfit of the couple, we don’t miss a single thing to trap into our camera.

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DV films, being the best wedding photography studio in Jodhpur, uses various techniques of photography to shoot the auspicious festival that include candid photography, creating the wedding teaser and sometimes, an astonishing destination wedding shoot.


Candid Photography can be the most personalized images in the whole album. For example, we know wedding teaser is a spectacular part of a wedding shoot as it creates a sense of anticipation and excitement amongst all for the actual marriage film to be released. It gives a view of the whole event in a few minutes, without even revealing much. Our team captures the candid talks and laughs, both funny and emotional moments, tiny parts of the entire documentation and apply the cinematic montage, slow motions and snaps from different angles and make them fit perfectly in the trailer in a fantastic manner. DV films edits your dream teaser in such a way that the delightful moments can be cherished for eternity. Thus, when a candid touch is added to the teaser, it turns out to be a whole new piece of paradise.


Our team goes beyond the norm when it comes to an impeccable destination wedding filmography. Nowadays, we see so many couples deciding to marry in their dream foreign land and enjoy a peaceful time with their family and friends and we absolutely love the idea! It opens so many options for us to make the shoot even more ravishing as we get to shoot the heavenly view of an exotic location and surroundings and insert them in the wedding video in an amazing way. Contact us without wasting much time, if you have your wedding nearby in a distant land and you want to get it all perfect in your hands.


Having known for our best quality wedding Photography in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, we are quite optimized and innovative when it comes to couple portrait photography session in a wedding shoot. If a creative idea can be applied and executed in filming the portrait pictures, they turn out to be the most graceful thing in the whole marriage shoot. And, we exactly do that! To know more about the service we offer call us and get to talk directly with our team of DV films, the most trusted wedding photographer in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.


First of all, let us give the information that along with the whole package of wedding shoot, we also do provide an attractive invitation card video as an extra feature to groove everyone who watches the film later. Now, let us enlist some other special features that our service includes –

Bride & Groom Introduction

We present a sensational introduction video of bride and groom which would be shot in a fabulous way. Their gorgeous entrance and a little story of their first meet will embrace the cinematic aspect of the whole video. And our team, consisting of potential wedding photographers in Jodhpur, Rajasthan take care of the whole process effortlessly.

Wedding Highlights

Our team creates wedding highlights and incorporate them in the main video. There are certain moments that become the cherry on the cake for the entire marriage event and we carefully pick them up and trap them into beautiful frames so that you can preserve them throughout your life.

Slidshow Video of Couple

Wedding Photography in Jodhpur may include videography of some awesome locations of Rajasthan and when we input a slideshow of both wedding and pre wedding videos of the couple along with the background of those places, it turns out to be breathtakingly beautiful.

High Qulaitty Album

We never give our clients the chance to worry or doubt on the quality of the album we handover to them. From high resolution images and videos to flawless editing, we make a power packed wedding album that has the power to break the internet and stand out in the crowd amongst so many other wedding shoots. Also, we understand your sentiments attached to those memories and thus, we handle them with absolute care.

Bride Make Up Video

A very important part is to cover the bride’s make up video in short glimpses. Wedding photography in Jodhpur should include capturing the traditional Rajasthani Lehenga Choli images of the bride wearing it gracefully. Shooting the stunning attire of the bride and her make up sprinkles a pinch of more gorgeousness in the entire video and that’s where our uniqueness is.

Edited Video & Images

DV films group, having a team of well known wedding photographers in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, knows different hidden techniques and apply immense creativity to make your wedding video stand out from anybody else’s so that it takes away the internet no sooner did it get released. We also charge a reasonable rate for our clients not to worry about the budget much and give all the responsibility on our team for the shoot without any second thought.
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