If you want to showcase the core value that your product provides, you need to breakdown the points and concepts related to it and display them in a video format. This way, viewers can get a clear idea about the benefits that they are going to get from the product, also understand the entire process of its usage and most importantly, they can retain all the information for a long time because audio visual effect has been proven to create longer memories in human mind. If you need to attract more inbound and outbound leads, a product videography shoot is going to be extremely useful for that purpose.


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Product Explainer Video »

To explain a product and share little details of its usage, you shall definitely create a video that elucidate and educate your customers about its value. You can share a little demonstration & review video or a lengthy product description presentation, that’s upto you. But all these require a lot of efforts and usually, after several trials and errors one succeeds in making such a video that would surely attract large amount of traffic but if you leave it on us, our expert team handles every tiny tasks in producing a heavenly masterpiece and hand it over to you.

Product Videos for Marketing »

You can both pitch new clients and nurture the old clients and grow their interest more towards your products simply by making a high quality, power packed product explainer video. All you need to increase your sales are uality products, a highly informational and engaging product display video and a good marketing strategy to promote it in the right way. DV films not only create a captivating product explainer video but also, help you to market it by using our very own marketing techniques and our studio’s social media handles.

These videos are one of the most popular videos that aid a company to sell the product.

Marketing video for products have the following advantages:

  • Clear & crisp communication
  • Professional presentation
  • Reach target audience
  • Leverage and showcase product features
  • Used by marketing personnel multiple times
  • High impact on viewers
  • Convince the viewers to buy the product

Animated Product Demo Videos »

Animated product demo video is a great way to attract more inbound leads as animations are psychologically more appealing than a casual demo video. Using an animated product video, you can bring any concept, related to the product, to life and will be able to give context to your ideas and descriptions. DV films makes a dream animated video of your product that definitely shall get you reach your target audience via better marketing.
Looking for a wacky manner to promote your product? Try, Animated video! Animated products videos have the following advantages:
  • Control over budget
  • Choice of colour scheme as per the brand colours
  • Wide options in characters/placements and languages
  • Easy multi-language option
  • Fast and crisp video
  • Faster turn around time

The Concept & Ideation »

A flawless graphic animated video visually represent abstract ideas and, if has a strong call to action, it becomes a cherry on the cake. The concept of the video shall be immensely informative as well as classic while you present it to a large audience. From an impressive script to a highly edited finish, the video shall have it all. You need to contact as soon as possible to book your session with us and without further ado, we shall take it up from there!

Just hard sell of a product never works! We help you in building a story around your product.

Here are some queries we raise during the concept level of the project:

  • What is unique about your product?
  • What are its USPs?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What language will be best suited for the target audience?
  • Who are your biggest competitors?
  • What budgets and resources can you allocate for the project?
  • Are you working on specific timelines?

Once we have understood your line of thinking; we brainstorm the idea and come up with a viable solution.

The Shoot »

You need to give us the outline or blueprint of the content and we shall prepare a script out of it. The shoot of a product explanatory video needs a branded camera and video cam as the foremost requirements. With that, a good lighting source and lighting kit, a tripod, a microphone to record the audio and certain other things are also needed. Our director, photographers and videographers are going to carry out the whole process who are going to get assisted by other team members to complete the shoot. After that, our editors will be producing an impactful effect on the viewers with their incredible editing.

Once the concept and storyline have been approved; we start working on the shooting script and details of the various aspects required for the shoot.

The following important aspects are finalised during the shooting phase:

  • Video Equipment: Single or multiple cameras
  • Demonstrators: Who will be making the promotion?
  • Audio Equipment: Multiple presenter / single person?
  • Location: indoors / outdoors
  • Special Effects (VFX) Required

Once the shoot is completed; we take on-site double backup: in two Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

Our fees are highly competitive; yet we deliver world class results.

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