Looking for industrial HD video of your factory/machines? Congratulations! You have come to the right company!

Industries and factories need to have a video shoot done to showcase the operation and functioning of their machines, work efficiency of their employees, wholesome work environment and other necessary things too. Remember, only if your video content is highly engaging and is able to showcase the true value that your company provides to the customers, then it wouldn’t take much time to convert your prospective leads turn into your potential and regular clients. DV films has the best editing team for high quality photography and videography in Jodhpur who produces flawless and elegant video for your business to get your sales increased.

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A question might strike your mind that why should you choose us or avail our service? Well, let me enlist the exclusive features of our photography and videography service for you to decide better of whether you shall take up our package or not.

How we execute industrial & machinery video shoot projects?

We gather a rough idea of the video content and all other required information about your company or factory from you. Then, we prepare a lay out from that scratch idea and create an effective script out of it. Once the script is done, we put other essential elements into the video like dubbing the content if required, high editing and lastly, we handover your video to you which would brainstorm your prospects once you display it to public.

First Step: Pre-Production (planning phase)

The process starts off with creating the whole script, keeping in mind about every little detail of your company, from a blueprint. Once we obtain the entire set of information during the initial interview, we set up a solid plan siting with our team members, organize our camera, tripods, video cam and other key equipments. After we are done with the lay out and the script, we will reach the location of the shoot and start the original shooting process. We will be carrying necessary props with us and will arrange any other requirements, so that you don’t have to take up the pressure on that important day.

Second Step: Production (actual shooting phase)

The video shoot involves capturing authentic footages of manufacturing of machines and their functioning, product demo, exclusive shots of product launching, training of employees and labors and their workflow and also, the internal environment of the industrial office or factory. On the actual shooting days, our crew that consists of highly qualified cinematographers, director of photography, event videographers, cameraman and production manager will be reaching the shoot destination with the props, camera lens and other required stuffs.

Third Step: Post Production (editing phase)

After the shooting gets over, we come back to our studio and start the process of editing. We ensure to have several revisions and once the main editing is done, our team sends you a softcopy of the final video for you to check and approve it or notify us about any changes that need to get done. After you give the last approving nod, we will send you the hard copy of your video and that’s when the production work gets completed and you get your masterpiece handed over to you.

Delivery of Industrial Video

Our well equipped and highly professional videographers, photographers, animators and editors are expert in their respective fields and produce a spectacular teamwork when it comes to presenting the video as a whole. We understand the importance of quality industrial video production for our customers and thus, we create high-quality industrial video productions for you and your brand. Our superior quality editing is as fine as our unique process of filming an entire shoot. That’s why, you can trust us with your industrial video production and need not worry about anything.
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