What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are animated and digital montages that create the vivid visual effects that bring a simple piece of video content to an entirely new level. The main purpose of creating a motion graphic video is to display the authentic value of the product or service that your brand provides to its customers using motion graphic or animated cinematography. Generally, dubbed audio or voice over narration is incorporated in the video for the better understanding of the audience while watching the graphics and the animated scenes.

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Types of Motion Graphics Animation Videos

2D Motion Graphics Animation Videos

With the help of 2D motion graphic videos, you can insert the logo of your brand into product or business explanatory videos, product launchings or any other short videos deliver a message and showcase your brand’s professional identity and market value. Also, some 2D graphic captures from the video can be used as promotional posters, website imagery and other stuffs. 2D Motion graphics videos also help companies in providing bettertraining using upgraded visual effects to their employees and staffs.

3D Motion Graphics Animation Videos

In a 3D motion graphics and computer animated video, objects inside a screen appear to show locomotion or certain movement & rotations through three dimensional space. These kind of videos are largely used as manuals, infomercials, web presentations, product demos or company pitch. 3D animation is used in the wide range of industries like gaming, pharmacy, film and entertainment, and in academic institutions as well.

Motion Graphics Video Costs in Detail

DV films, the most professional photography team in Jodhpur will make the best motion graphics and animation videos for your business. From giving our suggestions to you while making the script, planning out the whole process to editing it carefully, we provide so many services in one single package. There’s no hidden costs in our service. Also, keeping in mind about the limited budget of some start ups, we have kept a very reasonable rate for more people to avail our service easily.

Next Steps

Once we are done with preparing a well structured plan, we set up our team of professional photographers, editors and infographic specialists to make your video content ready. We, also, put together different audiotapes or dubbed narration with it to use the graphic animation video in multimedia presentations of your brand

Motion Graphics Animation Use Cases

Brand Videos

– To attract more leads and increase the sales of your business, you need to have an attractive logo, display your company’s products and services to your prospects and for all these what you need is an engaging motion graphic and animation video.

Explainer Videos

Motion graphics and animation videos are often used for TV and digital commercials, official presentations and in promotional and explanatory videos of business brands to enhance their marketing strategy.


Motion graphics videos, if contain an amazing story or message behind it, can be used to evoke emotion through their audio visual effects in the minds of audience. This way they can feel more connected to your company and would possibly like to invest in your service.

Concept Breakdown

In office presentations, webinars and formal meetings, a well made animated video is often needed that breaks down the whole concept in little parts explaining all the information represented in the data and that’s exactly what we expertise in creating.

Product Videos

While launching a new product and showcasing its functioning and demo, graphical representation comes to a great help as that gives a visual clarity to the viewers and our professional graphic designers and photographers create that effectively.

Data Visualization

Converting large data sets and metrics into charts, graphs and other visual representation through motion graphics not only helps the employees to retain the information much longer, but also attracts more customers to avail your product or service, with the help of infographics.
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